Advertising Career Resume Writing Tips

Advertisement comes in many shapes and forms now. Traditional advertisements are print ads in magazines or newspapers. There are also radio advertisements and television commercials. And with the growth of the Internet, there are ad banners, and social media websites such as Twitter. Get help from resume writing service now. A job hunter searching for a position in advertising should be familiar with these different forms of media, and they should also possess some of the following skills:

Design capability and creativity

Advertisements are supposed to catch the eye, so you need a creative touch. You need to be able to think outside the box and come up with new designs that will catch a customer’s attention. This is how products and services are sold, so this skill cannot be ignored. Try to show evidence of your talents in this area on your resume by talking about your educational experiences, portfolio, and word experienct.

Knowledge of technology

Advertisers use a lot of technology these days to create ads. If you can do graphic design or web programming, this skill could really help you stand out from the crowd. With these skills, you can help create television, print, and online ads.

Experience with market research

Advertising is all about the market, so you need to know what tools to use and what approach to take when planning an ad campaign. If you can prove that you have experience researching consumer likes and dislikes and other relevant data, then you’ll show you are a great candidate for any advertising job.
There are several examples of advertising career resumes online. Review them when writing your own resume: