Aspects of a Chronological Resume

When you think about creating a resume and ask people about their opinion on the perfect format then there aren’t many who won’t take the side of the chronological resume. It is the kind of resume wherein you list your past jobs and all educational qualifications in reverse. If you go through the various literature available on chronological resume you must have come to know by now that it is a very popular format. Get help with your resume and cv here.

The Facets of a Chronological Resume

If it’s a mid career switch that you are looking for then a chronological resume is best suited for your needs. Moreover, it clearly states all your work experiences and the various qualifications that you have earned. Moreover, it adopts a kind of writing style that helps you get right to the point. Your resume should not be a dissertation but a clear and concise listing of your professional qualifications. Moreover, it is explicit in its demonstration of a career progression and thus more than anything else it is also a reflection of the solidity of your career.

It is Straightforward

Treat it like a summarization of a person’s professional history. You are assured of neatness and simplicity when it comes to a chronological resume. Employers prefer a chronological resume as it takes up less time when it comes to reading and helps them make a decision on your candidature quickly and in the right manner. Moreover, you can imagine that they will be pleased by the fact they didn’t spend too much time going through your resume.

Less Scope for Ambiguity

If you look at it from the employer’s perspective, when it comes to a chronological resume you would realize that there is no room for ambiguity when it comes to your qualifications, and all that the employer wants to know about you and your acceptability for the vacant position. It’s an open resume that leaves no scope to the imagination. Everything is right there in front of the potential employer. This means that the employer already has a clear idea about you as the candidate in his/her head.

There are a Few Downsides

If you have something to hide then a chronological resume is not that good a bet. It is tailor made to expose anything that you want hidden. Moreover, if you want to underline cross-discipline skills then you must avoid a chronological resume as you won’t be able to showcase them to their full potential in this type of a resume.
Moreover, if you have a very short work history then a chronological resume will highlight that fact with aplomb. There are a few more disadvantages of using a chronological resume. The purpose of underscoring these disadvantages was the fact that you must be aware of what you are getting into, and must make an informed decision regarding your choice of format. You should not come to regret your choice of the resume format later on, after you have applied for the position in question.