Basic Blank Resume Template

While almost any resume template is useful, the blank ones are sometimes the best. Many Microsoft Word templates come with swirly graphics and inappropriate font styles that make your resume look more like a child’s work than a professional document. A blank template, on the other hand, doesn’t have those problems. Get help from professional resume writing service.
A blank template is formatted with section headers such as Objective, Education, and Experience, but it isn’t as detailed as other templates. The blank template basically shows you what order to put information in and what sections to create. It leaves the rest empty for you to fill in.
On a blank template, there is no extra styling with graphics or fancy fonts, so you do still have to make some choices. You may want to pick between bullet points or dashes, choose whether or not to put any text in boldface, or decide if you want to underline anything. However, with the template, you at least know your resume is in the correct order and includes the right information. This is why blank templates are so useful – they give you some structure without taking complete control of your writing process.
There are a few online websites that offer blank templates. One is Here you can choose from a functional or chronological blank template that is downloaded as a PDF. This website also has resume writing tips that you can use while following their template.
Another great web resource is the Free Links website at Here you can find a few blank resume forms, as well as job application forms and other useful documents.
Other resources include,, and
All of these websites offer blank resume templates free of charge. You don’t have to sign up for memberships of any kind, either. Simply click to download the forms and start filling in your information. Before you know it, you’ll have your resume complete and looking professional.