Business Executive Career Resume Sample and Example

Business is a wide field that encompasses many job types. If you work in business, you could be a consultant, business analyst, or office manager. You may or not have an MBA degree, or be working toward one. No matter your circumstances, though, every business applicant should have some respectable credentials. Try mentioning a few of these on your resume writing:
Your education. If you have a Bachelor’s in Business, or better yet, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), then you should definitely include this on your resume. Savvy business professionals are well educated and have degrees appropriate to their field. Don’t leave out degrees you have that aren’t in business. If you hold an engineering, science, psychology, or any other type of degree, include it too, especially if it’s relevant to the business you are applying to.
Your work experience. In business, experience is just as important as education. Some skills you only learn once you’re on the job, like how to manage co-workers, how to work in teams, and how to run a payroll. If you’ve held any previous jobs that have given you skills that would be useful in the business world, be sure to list them.
Your people skills. In business, your ability to work with people is key. You may be managing an office, consulting with a company, or working in a team. Either way, you’ll have to interact with and work beside other people all the time. So, if you can prove you have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, that will help you land the job.
There are several examples of business career resumes online. Review them when writing your own resume: