Couple important tips for CV and Resume writing

There is no general standard for the resume, however, there are some of the tips that we want to share with you in order to avoid big mistakes that will decrease your chance in being applied. Check recommendations of best resume writing service.
To begin with, Let’s speak about the resume form and content. One of the misconceptions is the size of your resume. Don’t think, that if you will write 2-3 page resume including all your life achievements you will receive the position you are applying for. No way! Better write one-page resume, but make the outstanding one, so that every word written in it would work for you,
The resume should be written in the third person, it is more formally. Your CV or Resume should consist of simple words and phrases written by you personally, and not copied from the Internet. Do not use Times New Roman it looks old-fashioned. You can use any standard font like Arial or Helvetica. The main thing is that the text is not only looked nice and modern, but it was easy and convenient to read.
Information starting from your education, work experience, personal skills and accomplishments, information about professional courses you have attended and certificates you have received should be clear and logically connected with the position you are applying for. Don’t mention your hobbies if there is no relation to the work for which you are applying for. If there is no logic, the recruiter will skip your resume and move to another candidate. Just don’t waste space on the page and reading time on the information, which is not significant.
All in all, a good resume should be easy to read, informative and with the clear structure. Simply show in your resume your real value as a professional or let write a resume that will be worth to read and will show you as a professional and best candidacy for the applying position!