Publishing Career Resume Samples

Publishing is a hard industry to break into and work in. However, it has been evolving lately. With the invention of e-Readers, e-Books, and other publishing alternatives, this industry is sure to change. Now is a great time to jump in. Whether you want to be an editor, warehouse worker, or agent, there are options. Follow up resume writings services for help. If you’re applying for these types of positions, make sure to mention the following on your resume to prove you can handle the job:
Your writing skills. Publishing is a world that revolves around writing, so knowledge of proper verb tenses, punctuation rules, and editing marks will help. If you have certifications in any area, degrees in English or Writing, or other credentials that could help prove this skill, it will help. Of course, having a polished and well-written resume will help support that evidence and show that you are a great writer.
Your business experience. While writing is about entertainment, it’s also a business. If you have any experience with business management or other office procedures, be sure to include them on your resume.
Your interest in books or magazines. If you’re going to work in publishing, you must love to read something. While this shouldn’t be the bulk of your resume, if you have a certain area of focus, like romance novels or graphic novels, it might be wise to include this somehow on the resume.
There are several examples of publishing career resumes online. Review them when writing your own resume: