Resumizer – Free Online Resume Creator

When it comes to resume styles, there are a lot of options. You have to decide between a chronological or functional format. You have to decide which type of font to use, what size type, whether or not to use bold or italics. You also have to decide on bullet points or dashes. Thus, there are endless ways to make your resume look different and stand out. Luckily, there are some online tools that make all of these decisions easier to make. Get professional resume and cv writing services here.
The free resume maker on the Resumizer website is one of the best of these tools. This tool is free of charge and doesn’t require you to sign up for a membership. You simply go to the webiste and click on the “Free Resume Creator” link. The first page you will see displays pictures of six unique resume styles that vary based on how the text is laid out on the page, the fonts that are used, and the extra features. You can also choose to put your education section first (great if you’re a student or recent graduate) or put the experience section first (great if you’re a seasoned worker).
The tool then takes you to a section where you input all of your contact information and you objective. If you are unsure of what to put down as an objective, Resumizer also offers tips and advice for resume writing. So, this tool does it all. And, after you enter your objective, you can also input all of your skills.
Under the employment section of this tool, you can enter your employers’ names, locations, and dates of employment, along with responsibilities. Resumizer takes all of this input information and translates it onto the page for you, so it’s simple to do.
Under the education section, Resumizer has text boxes for you to input school names, dates of attendance, degrees earned, and your GPA. You can enter up to 5 schools using this tool, which is more than enough for most resumes.
Finally, Resumizer also offers a section for you to add additional categories. If you want to list Rewards or Licenses, for example, you can create these sections and include the information without any extra work.
Resumizer then generates a printable resume for you with the information you input. You choose the font, the size, and the style and can preview your resume and edit it before printing it out, too.