The Fundamentals of Chronological Resume

How much time do you have to convince your potential employer that you earn an interview call? Well, not much? Say, just about 30 seconds or so. Surprised! Don’t Be. Your potential employer/s or the hiring personnel have to go though a large amount of resumes and hence can’t offer all resumes a large amount of time. So, you need to get your resume right. One of the more popular formats when it comes to resume writing is the chronological resume. It’s the popular choice as it lists down your information in a chronological order. Follow for help.
If you do choose or adopt the chronological approach you have to keep in mind a few fundamentals. You need to get that right if you want your resume to be effective.

Identify Yourself

This part of your chronological resume would include your name and contact details. This includes aspects like name, address, phone number(s), and e-mail addresses. This information is of paramount importance as it is through the perusal of this information that the employer can get in touch with you, if he/she wants to take the process further. Also, if you are a college student and are applying for a position in an organization you should mention the address of the college, as well as, the home address.

The Objectives Section

You need to state your objectives, meaning your professional goals. This section could be optional for those who have many years of experience behind them but if you are fresh out of college or high school then your chronological resume simply must have your objectives. If you don’t want to add an objectives section to your resume then you might want to mention the same in your covering letter.

The Accomplishments

Why would any potential employer think about hiring you? Your hiring would depend on the accomplishments that you bring to the table. This section will highlight all your accomplishments over the course of your career in the chronological order. If you have no work experience, then your chronological resume could list the accomplishments at the high school or college level. This could be anything and pertain to any field. The employer needs to know that you are a person who is result oriented.


This is an important part of any resume. If you have work experience then the qualification section should follow the experience section, however in a chronological resume for fresh college grads, the section can come after the accomplishments section. The facts that need to be a part of this section include the school/s and college/s attended and the degrees received.


As can be imagined, this section is only for those who have a full-time work experience. People label this section in many different ways including ‘Employment History’, ‘Experience’, and ‘Work History’. Whatever the labels, the purpose of the section is to tell the employer about your professional experience.
These are some of the fundamentals that you must keep in mind with respect to chronological resume. If you get these right, then there is a good chance that your resume will be effective and an interview is coming your way.