The procedure of checking a Resume

Have you heard about the standard process of reviewing a resume?
To begin with, let us clarify who is actually the first one who reads it before forwarding it to the hiring manager and then the employer.
Your future depends on the recruits or how it usually named- the headhunter. This person reviews during the day up to 300 resumes and send to the hiring manager about 70-100. Yes, that really looks thought and competitive. Will give you a couple good bits of advice that will increase your chance to become one of 70-100 candidates that will move forward to the hiring manager.
Your resume is basically what represents you. Make it readable and nice looking, but avoid some bright backgrounds and images that will irritate the headhunter.
Your picture in the resume is required, as it will help the headhunter and the hiring manager to remember you and differ from other candidates. Your photo just should be neutral and show your seriousness and friendliness. Resumes without photos are not credible.
If you do not give clear how useful your company, you are doomed to failure.Specify only the actual experience, which is really useful for the position you are applying. The same applies to certificates of attendance. And one more thing – if contact information is wrong, everything else does not matter. We have provided only couple tips that will help you to write a high-level resume. For the rest, visit our best resume writing services and help that we can offer you in your resume writing process.