Top 10 Sites to Download Free Curriculum Vitae Template

The CV template websites are rated from top to bottom, with the better ones being at spot number one, and the good-but-not-as-good ones being nearer the bottom. There may be a little bit of a disagreement as to why each one has ranked the way it has, suffice it to say that they are all good CV template websites and if you run through the list you cannot fail to find a suitable CV writing services template.

1. Hloom With 279 Professional Samples in Word

Free Resume Templates

Click the link that says “Free.” Do not click the affiliate adverts because that is the trick they pull. They have affiliate adverts on most of these websites that try to fool you into clicking them. If you are using IE, then hold CTRL, press F, and release CTRL and then type the word Free into the search bar. It will help you find the free link a little easier. If there is more than one, then look for the one near the template you want to use.

2. Free CV Template 391 Free Resume Templates
Do not fall for the affiliate advertising, move down, and click on one of the thumbnails that you fancy for your resume. That will take you to another page where you should be offered a number of different formatting and/or color options. They are just the example images. If you want the actual resume on a Word document, then you need to scroll down until you find the links that say, “Free CV resume template” and then a number besides the link that indicates which one you are downloading.

3. Examples Of Resumes
Click on the download button, not the affiliate advertising buttons, and you can download the free template. There are a number of different templates to choose from, and the great thing is that they are free and they are not going to try to hoist a membership onto you.

4. CV Guru 22 Free Templates
If you want to download the CV, you have to ignore the deceptive affiliate advertising and click on the “Download CV template (simple, version 1) (click here)” link. It may give more than one version, but that is the part you are supposed to click on. The website is not built in the most fantastic fashion, in fact, it looks a little tacky, but once you figure out where to go for the free templates you will be able to find what you need.

5. CV Resume Samples
This is a website that allows you to see samples of CVs on the web browser. It is not about downloading; it is about copying and pasting what you want onto the word processor yourself. If there is a popup or a new page that asks you to download or sign up, then you have probably clicked the wrong area.

6. Free Resume Templates On Job Application And Interview Advice
Scroll down to the header that says “Free Resume Templates” and there you will find links to get your free templates. They are not downloadable, they are only on the web browser, but you can easily copy and paste them if you want them. It is not going to allow you to download them without some sort of catch, but copying and pasting is pretty easy.

7. Buzz Feed Well Designed Resumes
This website sits around the bottom of the list because it only allows you to look at the templates and not use them. You may simply use them as inspiration for your own CV. However, it is full of some very good designs that you should consider copying when you design your own CV.

8. Job Mob Resume Examples and Ideas

36 Beautiful Resume Ideas That Work

This one sits near the bottom because it only shows you images of CV templates, which means you may only use them as inspiration, instead of actually copying or using them directly. A lot of the designing you will have to do yourself, but it is good to see how other professionally designed resumes look.

9. Speckyboy With 10 Free Resume Templates
Click on “Demo” and when the page pops up you can copy and paste the template onto a Microsoft word processor. There are affiliate adverts that claim to give away free resume templates but they do not. If you click on the download bit, then it is going to want to you skip to another page and/or download a zip file, and that file may contain anything. It is better for you if you simply use the demo button and then copy and paste the template onto a word processor.

10. Paper pk Blog
This website offers a lot of templates for free, but it is more about content as oppose to formatting. Most of the formatting work is going to be left to you, but you will be able to see how certain CVs are composed. This website is at the bottom of the list because it doesn’t concentrate on formatting, however, it does have the most CV templates of all the websites on this list. They are separated into a great deal of different categories for different jobs. If you are wondering what certain people put on CVs for different jobs, then this is definitely the website you should visit.


The great thing about these websites is that they do not require you download a zip file, and exe file or sign up for a newsletter or membership. Those are the sweet points, but do not forget that almost every single one will try to trick you with affiliate advertising. Almost all of them have adverts on them that say, “Click here to download” or something similar to that and it may fool you quite easily. That is why many of the websites listed above have instructions on how to download; otherwise, you will end up running around in circles trying to get your free template. If you are sick of affiliate advertising pop-ups, then it may be a good idea to put your popup blocker on.