What to Avoid While Writing a Functional Resume

The job market scenario is none too encouraging and the global melt down has only made things worse. An impressive degree with merit points or high more by itself is inadequate to guarantee a job in these troubled times. Variety of skill sets spread across several departments can take you places though. Creating an impressive resume is the first towards securing the job. Blunders in your resume can instantly direct your resume to the WPB. What then are the common mistakes to avoid while creating your functional professional resume writing?

Functional resume is not the best on all occasions

Though the functional resume has certain advantages over the chronological resume, it is not the best for every occasion. Functional resume is generally used by people having multiple skill sets, or those who have stayed away from their jobs for long periods of time. You should have enough material to talk about each of your skill and your achievements. When this is absent, avoid using the functional resume.

Let others know how you differ

The recruiter/employer should know how you will turn into an asset for the company. Therefore, while describing your job functions, you should give an elaborate account. Make sure however that your effort does not run into a short story. For instance, a statement “lead a 12 member team of sales personnel” fails to communicate anything to the reader. To lend meaning to the statement, it is essential to add the functions of the team, how you motivated them and towards what end.

The summary page

This is the page in your resume – chronological or functional resume that makes the hard sell. If you do not package yourself effectively, chances are you will never make it to the interview rounds. The summary is meant to work as a magnet and you should ensure that the summary page of your functional resume has enough power in it.

Avoid the “I” and “me”

The “I” and “me” statements do not hold well in your resume irrespective of whether you choose the functional resume or the chronological resume. ‘Developed a new product’ is better than ‘I developed a new product’.

Avoid irrelevant information

A functional resume in particular seeks to provide focused information on your core strengths. Avoid adding irrelevant information such as hobbies, other interests etc. unless they are specifically relevant to the job you are applying for. The hiring managers will be skimming through hundreds of resumes and one small irritant can lead your resume to the wrong end.


Bad presentation is the worst that can happen to your resume irrespective of whet her you are choosing a functional resume or a chronological resume. Whether the employer has called for the hard copy of soft copy, it is important that your resume is presented in an acceptable format free from all bungling. You should choose a presentation style that is reader friendly and essentially make sure that you do not use those flashy designs and borders etc. while submitting your resume. Always proof read your resume from the first to the last letter.