Your Curriculum Vitae – 10 Tips to Make It Impressive

One of the best tips in this article is that you should learn from your successes, and that is true, but you should also examine your failures. If you have sent out ten resumes and have heard nothing back, then change things up and see if you get a better response. Your resume may look very impressive in your eyes, but it may be turning employers off and the only way you will know if that is the case is if you change your resume routinely and monitor the results. Professional Cv AND Resume Writing service will help you.

1. Start with an objectives section and not an introduction

This is a good idea because it removes the need to use an introduction. If you have even wondered which part an employer doesn’t read, it is the introduction. If you have great things to say about yourself, such as your clean arrest record, 100% punctuality, then do it within your covering letter and not the introduction to your CV.
Your objectives should be a short bullet point list of at least three bullet points. They should feature at least one reason why you are applying for that job specifically, and at least one plan for your future.

2. Add a picture of you happen to be good looking

This is such a controversial tip that you do not see on other articles, but the fact is that people like to have good-looking people around the work place. TV shows are packed with beautiful people because nobody wants to look at trolls all day. If you were blessed with good looks, then include a small headshot at the top of your resume, or include a full-length picture on the back of your resume. People are shallow, and men are often guided by looks, which means you may do better if you are good looking and include a picture with your CV.

3. Use a strong bold color and keep your CV simple

A white background, a strong bold color for decorative parts, and black for the text and you are done. There is no need to add lots of decoration and certainly no call for you to make your CV pretty or complex. Keep your CV simple because you need to make it easier for the manager to skim read.

4. Tailor your resume to suit the job you are applying for

This means you have to do some research first before you send off your CV. If you are applying for a job that requires a lot of personality, then it may be a good idea to add in a section detailing points about your personal life. You should detail things that make you appear more human, such as your interests, your successes and your family relationships.
If on the other hand your job is very clinical and sterile, then you could do worse than being matter-of-fact about the things on your CV. Sure, you can dress them up and highlight your better sides, but it may be a good idea to cut down on the fancy words and simply state things as they are.

5. Add in your interests into the CV to show your human side

Showing your human side is not a priority in your CV, but it certainly helps you stand out if you can show a human side. Do not forget that part of your job will be to meld in and mix with the team. It may sound a little sad if you add in that you have all the seasons of Star Trek Voyager, but for all you know the staff may talk about Tuvok and Janeway all day through their lunch breaks. If you add a human side, then you help to demonstrate that you can get along with people.

6. Change your CV routinely and learn from your successes

If a CV got you an interview or two, then rewrite your CV and change it, but try to keep the things that worked. If you send off your new CV and get no responses, then go back to the successful one and pick through it to find out what really made your CV successful. You can vastly improve your strike rate if you examine and test what may or may not make your CV work.

7. Use three positive points in one sentence

This is a great little trick you can use in order to build salable evidence in the employers’ mind. Do not say that you have never missed a day of work because you are hard working and are honest because that is the way you were raised. You can keep it short, sweet and powerful with a line like this: “I am viciously honest, hard working, and have not missed a day of work in five years.” In that one sentence you can see three compliments that sell you as a good worker.

8. Add nothing negative at all

When a salesperson sells a car, he or she doesn’t mention all the bad points. They do not mention that the rear differential locks up and that it has been the cause of seventeen deaths. The salesperson doesn’t mention that there are cheaper cars that get better mileage and have better insurance quote. The salesperson only mentions the sexy paint job, the roaring engine and the super thick tires. You may feel as if you are being honest if you mention negative things, but all you are doing is giving people reasons not to hire you.

9. Use effective titles and headers

Make sure they are short and they nail exactly what you are trying to sell. You can have them as short headers such as “Qualifications” or you can go a little longer with “Skills I learnt in Africa” or whatever your circumstances call for.

10. Make a big list of your achievements

If there is any part of your CV that deserves a longer section, it should be your achievements section because it should be the most impressive. Take a long hard look at your life and consider all the successes you have ever had. Did you learn Japanese in just 6 months? Did you raise money for charity? Did you start a club? Have you learnt a programming code? Did you start a blog? Think of all your successes in your life and put them into the achievements section to show your employer that you are successful, that you are human, and that you are one of life’s winners.